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Scott H.

I am 49 years young and will be 50 in January. Throughout my life my weight has fluctuated in good ways and bad. Like so many, finding the motivation and desire to continue to exercise is a constant struggle. I always had an excuse to why I chose not to stay healthy. By doing this, I found myself tired, depressed and stressed about everything in my life.
About 4 months ago my gorgeous wife forced me to join her for a virtual workout with Rachael Enright. Being quarantined, I had no excuses not to workout. After I did one, I forced myself to do another, then another. During each workout with Rachael, she always brings a positive energy that resonates with me. It pushes me to be better. Along with the positive energy, she would always say during the workouts, “Just keep moving”. It didn’t matter if I was doing a particular exercise 100% correctly, I just kept telling myself to “keep moving”.
Now after 4 months of workouts virtually and at some pop up classes at the park, I have dropped 15 pounds. This is great but more importantly to me, I feel better about myself, my clothes fit better, I’m a better husband, father, friend and have more energy.
Sometimes in life we need something to come along and put that spark back into you. Rachael’s passion to pass her “positive energy” to others has done that for me.
Thank you Mrs. Rachael for helping me find my “healthy living” again.

Terryka K.

"I began working with Rachael on May 3, 2020. Rachael had made a post about starting a fitness challenge where we were to check in daily with at least 30 minutes of exercise. That was just the kind of motivation I needed!! When the challenge ended she reached out about her new business adventure, personal training online. Not only was I thrilled to support her, but without a doubt I knew I wanted to continue because of the results I had already seen in one month. Now I’m just 2 1/2 months in and love the amount of energy and tightening of my body I am experiencing. Although I am just at the beginning of my “get fit” journey, I have no doubt that after putting in the hard work and listening to Rachael, I will be exactly where I want to be! Here are some before and after pictures so far. Can’t wait to show more after pictures as my journey continues!!"